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What is Xanax?

Xanax (also known as Z-bars, blue footballs, school bus, handlebars, zannies) is a benzodiazepines and contains alprazolam (which is the generic name for Xanax) and is used to treat patients with panic and anxiety symptoms that are associated with panic disorder as well as moderate to severe stress.

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We are here to provide you with information on seeking the best possible Xanax addiction treatment available. If you or someone you love is battling a Xanax addiction, please contact us immediately. Our admissions coordinators are standing by to help you find the best recovery options for your specific needs. We can help get you or a loved one into a Xanax addiction treatment center. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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Inpatient rehab and treatment is an excellent way to treat a Xanax addiction, Traveling for Xanax addiction treatment can help increase the rate of longterm sobriety. Integrated treatment addresses the Xanax addiction as well as any accompanying mental illnesses. Most insurance is accepted for treating a Xanax addiction. The cost of Xanax addiction treatment can vary depending on insurance coverage, type of facility, and length of stay.


We are here to help you find the best Xanax addiction treatment and get you or a loved one into rehab.
If you or someone you love struggles with Xanax addiction, help is available. We can place you in a treatment center that best fits your needs.

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Treatment center locations

Our Xanax addiction treatment centers are located all over the country.
We have Xanax addiction treatment centers and rehab facilities conveniently located all over the country, as well as a wide network of referral sources.

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