Am I Powerless Over Xanax Addiction?

Am I Powerless Over Xanax Addiction?The very definition of addiction is that people have lost control over their drug use. Therefore, people addicted to Xanax may feel powerless. Control over drug use is lost with addiction, but it can be regained. Xanax addiction is treatable.

How Xanax Addiction Treatment Can Help

One of the reasons that Xanax addicts feel powerless is that they experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not being taken on a regular basis. Getting through withdrawals can be difficult and dangerous. A medically managed detox can help clients get through the process safely while clinicians monitor and manage the symptoms.

A common reason drug addiction develops is because addiction changes the body and brain. In a sense, the body has come to see the presence of the drug as normal, and has adapted to be in a precarious balance when the drug is present. When the drug is not present, the body has no defense against it, and people feel out of balance and deprived. The brain can heal, but drug cravings are likely to continue and be intense through the healing. In the meantime, tools acquired from a quality addiction treatment program can be of great help.

Some of the tools provided by a Xanax rehab program include the following:

  • Addiction often co-occurs with mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. A quality treatment program will identify and address these issues in an integrated way, which can greatly improve addiction treatment outcomes.
  • It is common for people addicted to a drug like Xanax to have a degree of ambivalence about getting clean. In a sense, their brains are divided, with the two parts fighting each other. Addiction treatment helps people see their addiction more clearly and increase their motivation to break free.
  • People addicted to drugs have their own personal drug use triggers. These may be sensory or emotional cues. It is often difficult for people to recognize their own triggers, but addiction treatment professionals can help people discover them so that they can avoid them whenever possible.
  • There are skills for combating and riding out drug cravings. Learning and practicing these skills is an important part of rehab.
  • Addiction treatment will help people discover new pleasurable activities to replace drug use. It may also introduce them to people who can be part of new support and peer groups.

You Can Recover from Xanax Addiction and We Can Help

If you feel powerless over Xanax addiction and are ready to regain control, give us a call. Our helpline is toll-free, and we’re available 24 hours a day. Whatever your questions might be, we are ready to help you find the answers. We can check your insurance coverage if you wish and assist you in finding a treatment program that is right for you. You can recover from Xanax addiction. Call today.

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