Can Xanax Cause Anxiety?

Currently Xanax is among the most frequently prescribed medications due to the growing amount of individuals battling panic and anxiety disorders. Xanax helps chemicals in the brain function normally, and, when using Xanax on a normal, prescribed basis most people will not feel any extra effects and will only receive help managing anxiety symptoms. Seeing anxiety as a side effect of Xanax generally only occurs when the medication is taken incorrectly or outside its intended use.

How Xanax Misuse Creates Anxiety

When Xanax is not taken regularly or as prescribed, side effects such as fear, confusion, hypochondria and depression can occur. These side effects act as triggers for anxiety and panic attacks, as each one of them can make a user feel like he or she is out of control. These side effects will become greater, if Xanax abuse continues.

Painful Withdrawal from Painkillers

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Xanax withdrawal symptoms are painful and affect emotions. When a user is ready to stop taking Xanax, doctors often recommend a gradual withdrawal from the drug to prevent extreme withdrawal symptoms. If a user tries to stop cold turkey, he or she may experience panic attacks, long-lasting anxiety and other psychological issues. This anxiety can cause individuals to return to Xanax use. Taking Xanax can cause long-term side effects including Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) where symptoms can be experienced up to one year after the initial detox period.

Controlled, responsible use of Xanax generally will not cause anxiety and can help alleviate attacks and regulate emotions. The anxiety experienced while using Xanax usually only occurs when the medication is being abused, taken in inconsistent doses or stopped cold turkey.

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