Dangers of Maintaining a Xanax Addiction

Maintaining any addiction is hazardous to your mental and physical health. Xanax helps control panic attacks and anxiety. Xanax makes users feel more in control of the behaviors and thoughts that may previously have overwhelmed them, but it is also a highly addictive drug. Long-term misuse of this drug can cause serious physical and mental harm.

Side Effects of Long-Term Xanax Abuse

When users misuse Xanax, their bodies will require a higher dose to maintain a certain comfort level. The user must comply with the demands of their bodies or else they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include heightened anxiety, disruption of sleep patterns, changes in mood, tremors, nausea and vomiting and hallucinations. Many users continue to take Xanax to avoid the discomfort associated with stopping use.

Maintaining a Xanax addiction for a long period of time can lead to brain damage and permanent effects on cognition. Inability to problem solve and learn efficiently will impact a user’s life and can challenge an individual’s employment and relationships. Xanax can contribute to a mental health issue as it works to cure another. Maintaining a Xanax addiction can lead to the development of obsessive compulsive disorder, violent behavior, paranoia and suicidal tendencies. These paradoxical reactions will require treatment of their own.

Maintaining a Xanax addiction affects every aspect of a user’s life. This can include a person’s finances, relationships, housing situation and employment. As the addiction begins to take control over the user, it becomes the primary focus for him or her. This means that most of a user’s time, money and attention will go towards supporting Xanax addiction. Xanax use can also harm working and personal relationships, as behaviors and personalities change as a result of drug use.

Stop Maintaining a Xanax Addiction

You do not have to keep using Xanax. Call our toll-free helpline to learn the best options for ending your drug use. Our recovery counselors are here 24 hours a day, so please call now to get the help you need.

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