Does the Media Affect Xanax Use?

Does the Media Affect Xanax Use?Xanax is a prescription drug that treats anxiety and panic disorders, depression and premenstrual disorder. Xanax is highly addictive: prolonged use or taking more than the prescribed dose can quickly lead to addition. It is a popular drug among celebrities and other public figures, and media coverage of these celebrities often glamorizes drug use and creates curiosity in those who follow celebrities. Unfortunately, Xanax abuse can lead to serious problems and untimely death in some cases.

Celebrity Xanax Use

Many celebrities use Xanax as an anti-anxiety medication, which leads the media to discuss it often. The media regularly reports on celebrities who go to rehab programs or even jail because of Xanax use. This can have both positive and negative influences on viewers. Television can lead people to think that drug use is a good idea. It draws attention to the individual, and someone struggling with prescription drug use might get the wrong idea about taking a prescription medication. At the same time, getting the word out about the dangers of improper Xanax use can be an important tool in saving lives.

Xanax and Reality Television

Addiction to prescription painkillers requires medically supervised detox as well as rehab for recovery. Celebrity addiction shows have heightened interest in prescription painkiller abuse as they follow addicted celebrities through the rehab process. However, reality shows have one thing in common: they are not real. Each show has a certain amount of scripting involved, so trying to portray rehab accurately through a reality television show is an inherently flawed endeavor. Xanax addicts need to understand how and where to get proper help for their addictions, and reality rehab shows might actually do more harm than good in motivating people to get help.

Xanax and Journalistic Television

On the other hand, journalistic television accurately portrays the problems of addiction. These shows depict addicts where they are and follow them on their journeys to recover from drug addiction. Documentaries of this kind are virtually unscripted, and regular people struggling with a prescription drug addiction tell the truth about their problems. Documentaries of this kind can be a great help in the fight against Xanax abuse as they shining light on the dangers of the drug and the hardship of breaking addiction.

Help for Xanax Addiction

Seeing so many celebrities and public figures struggle with addiction on television may suggest that Xanax abuse is safe, but drug addiction of any kind is dangerous and life threatening. If you or a loved one struggle with Xanax abuse, we are here for you. Call our toll-free, 24 our helpline now and let us help you find the treatment you need.

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