How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Xanax Anymore?

How Do I Tell My Family That I Don’t Want to Use Xanax Anymore?It can be extremely difficult to reach out to your family and inform them about your struggles with Xanax addiction. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed that you can no longer control your habits, but family support is an important part of addiction recovery.

How Do I Bring Up My Xanax Addiction Struggles?

Acknowledging your addiction may be one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Talking about your Xanax addiction can be overwhelming and freeing at the same time. Some tips on how to discuss your addiction and your desire for sobriety are included in the following:

  • Be completely honest about your Xanax addiction. This can include the duration of use, the amount used and what you had to do to get more drugs when you did not have the money.
  • Inform your family about your plans. Let them know that you no longer want to be a Xanax addict and that you desire sobriety.
  • If you need help or support, ask for it. Do not be afraid to ask your family to support you during your quest for sobriety. Make sure they understand that you may experience some tough times ahead, but you know where and how to get the help to get back on track.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your family. Having their support can be extremely beneficial and can help you both achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Although many family members will support your efforts towards sobriety, they may not be happy about your current drug use.

How Might My Family React?

Family members may react positively or negatively about your Xanax addiction. Included in the following are some reactions you may experience:

  • Your family may be angry about your addiction.
  • They may be happy that you are finally seeking treatment for your addiction.
  • Many family members may be confused if they did not know that you were struggling with Xanax addiction.

No matter what your family’s reaction is, know that they want the best for you. The initial shock that you have discussed your Xanax addiction may take some time to set in. If your family is not supportive of your efforts, give them time. Remember, talking openly about your addiction is your first step towards recovery.

Xanax Addiction Treatment

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