How Xanax Addiction Affects Decision-Making Abilities

How Xanax Addiction Affects Decision-Making AbilitiesXanax is a fast-acting prescription drug that treats anxiety disorders and panic attacks, but even prescription doses can affect a person’s decision-making abilities. This is because Xanax slows down the chemical process in the brain. Should an individual become addicted to Xanax the impact can rocket out of control.

How Xanax Affects Cognitive Abilities

Here are some of the ways Xanax can impair your thoughts:

  • Strong memory loss, especially when taken with alcohol
  • Extreme drowsiness, which limits focus and concentration
  • Impaired balance and slurred speech
  • Possible hallucinations

Xanax abuse can also diminish rational thinking by altering one’s emotional state. By inhibiting the central nervous system (much like alcohol does), the drug can cause any of these other problems:

  • Depression
  • Volatility
  • Erratic behavior
  • Mania

Xanax abuse impairs your judgment because it is a benzodiazepine, the same type as Rohypnol, the “date-rape” drug. Likewise, the Department of Health and Human Services states that benzodiazepines accounted for nearly 313,000 emergency-room visits in 2009, up nearly 120% from just five years earlier.

Dangers of Xanax Abuse

Xanax provides a euphoric high that many people covet for recreational purposes. After repeated use, a person needs more of the drug to achieve the same high, which encourages a dangerous cycle of ever-escalating dosage. As the addiction takes hold, even more hurdles arise to good decision-making. These can include any of these issues:

  • A “rebound effect” in which users believe the anxiety and panic attacks return in force
  • An excessive sense of agitation between uses
  • The introduction of suicidal thoughts

The drug makes it difficult to make good decisions, and this extends to recognizing how bad an addiction has become. This makes seeking help that much more important.

Best Treatment for Xanax Addiction

Professional treatment is the best way to tackle the addiction with the best chance of success, but it is also the safest. Benzodiazepines like Xanax are dangerous because quitting cold turkey can have a lethal result if the dependence was too strong. On the other hand, proper treatment includes the following services:

  • Tapered detox to minimize withdrawals and ensure safety
  • Treatment for anxiety, panic attacks and other health issues the drug suppressed
  • A personalized plan to break the psychological dependence
  • Learning to recognize and resist situations that trigger relapse
  • Assistance transitioning in and out of treatment
  • One-on-one and group counseling
  • Continued aftercare support

Breaking a Xanax addiction not only clears a cloudy mind, but it also protects users from potentially deadly consequences. Getting treatment is one of the best decisions you can make if you are addicted to Xanax.

How to Quit Xanax Now

There is no need to take the first step alone when we are here to help. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day to explain the recovery process and the many options for treatment. We can even check your health insurance to see if treatment is covered. Call our toll-free helpline now and let us help.

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