Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes a Xanax Addict?

Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes a Xanax Addict?Most people know that addictions run in families. Xanax, a schedule IV controlled substance used to treat panic attacks, nervousness and tension, has a high abuse and addiction potential. Individuals may be born with addictive personalities, but genes are just one piece of the puzzle.

Factors that Increase Odds of Xanax Addiction

Viewing Xanax addiction as an allergy is one way to understand how genetics and the environment interplay. Just like an allergy one must have a genetic vulnerability and exposure to a substance in order to develop a disorder. Factors that increase the chances of developing a Xanax addiction include the following:

  • Age. People who start using drugs during adolescence are more likely to experience a lifetime addiction than people who don’t.
  • Environment. If abusing drugs is socially acceptable in your family or peer group, you are at greater risk for addiction.
  • Childhood abuse. Individuals who were abused as children have a higher risk for substance abuse later in life and respond more poorly to treatment.
  • Psychiatric conditions. Untreated depression and anxiety increase the likelihood of self-medicating with drugs like Xanax.

Assessing the root causes of Xanax abuse is complex. With professional help both genetic underpinnings of an addiction and the environmental influences that activate it can be successfully treated.

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