Stigmas Related to Xanax Addiction

Stigmas Related to Xanax AddictionXanax is a benzodiazepine painkiller, and a weaker one at that. Consequently, addiction to this drug is likely to cause some scorn among people who figure they have enough self-control to avoid addiction. However, people can easily become addicted to this drug through many means, and treatment is available to help users quit.

Stigmas of Casual Xanax Use

People in the middle and upper-middle classes usually abuse Xanax to relieve stress and induce sleep, even when these uses are not expressly justified by a medical professional. People who abuse Xanax in this way believe they can control themselves when taking it, meaning they will only use it as a tool rather than a recreational activity. Therefore, to become addicted is somewhat analogous to developing a dependence on cold medicine or cough drops: the more commonly and carelessly someone uses the drug, the more laughable her unfeeling friends consider it when tolerance, dependence and addiction set in.

Stigmas from Anti-Drug Sources

Family members, self-righteous friends and other acquaintances will always be judgmental in that they would never abuse a drug, so they condemn all addicts to some kind of subhuman category. What such people fail to realize is that, although drug abuse is indeed detrimental to the user and society, Xanax addicts do not choose such a path for themselves. No one enjoys the thought of a drug controlling their lives; rather, they are miserable. Therefore, the sanctimonious slander of these people is much more likely to drive people deeper into addiction than to shame them out of it.

How to Fight Xanax Addiction Stigmas

For the concerned loved ones of a Xanax addict, loving him through his troubles can be very difficult. While they do not want to enable addiction with their love, neither do they want a user to believe that they look down on him because of his addiction. What they must do is confront him about the consequences of Xanax abuse, ending with an ultimatum that they will withdraw their support if he does not seek addiction treatment. Tough love of this kind is different from self-righteous ostracism. Although the addict may claim that both kinds of treatment are the same, he knows they are different. To show this, people who avoid him due to cultural stigmas do not have his best interests at heart, but his family and friends want nothing more than to see him healthy and part of their lives as he used to be. The difference is that you must be realistic enough to admit that recovery is the only way to stop the pain of Xanax abuse.

Xanax Addiction Help

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