Xanax Addiction Counseling for Seniors

Elderly and xanax addictionXanax is a prescription drug used to treat panic disorders, panic attacks, depression, premenstrual syndrome, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), and anxiety disorders. Xanax is in a group of prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines.

Signs of Senior Addiction

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment published a list of signals that may indicate an alcohol or medication-related problem in the elderly:

  • Memory trouble after having a drink or taking a medication
  • Loss of coordination ( walking unsteadily, frequent falls)
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Being unsure of yourself
  • Irritability, sadness, depression
  • Unexplained chronic pain
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Wanting to stay alone much of the time
  • Failing to bathe or keep clean
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty staying in touch with family or friends
  • Lack of interest in usual activities

Addiction Counseling for Seniors

Seniors experience many of the same problems that younger people do, but they also have some unique challenges as they undergo changes in lifestyle. If these changes include a loss of some independence, they are often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and depression.

There is a lot of history that a senior brings to a counseling session. Often, a person born and raised during or post World War II has very strong feelings about their need to be self-sufficient and independent. Therefore, the idea of seeking help is foreign to them and maybe is something they will resist.

This age group has a tendency to view addiction as a weakness, something that they have to overcome without assistance, hiding how fragile they are feeling. Some in this age group are truly embarrassed and will risk their health so as not to show their family members that they are in need.

Characteristics of a Quality Addiction Counselor for Seniors

While many of us have grown up in a world that is familiar with addiction, especially with the televised view of celebrity addiction, most of our parents and grandparents are very uncomfortable with the addiction counseling concept. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a quality addiction counselor that has the following benefits:

  • Has sufficient and specific training to address senior issues
  • Is open and receptive to hearing what the senior wants to achieve through counseling
  • Is clear about the treatment plan and steps to take to help the senior resolve whatever issue or concern brought them to therapy
  • Is honest and forthcoming about how long the treatment may need to last, what to expect, and what obstacles may need to be overcome
  • Provides information about your rights as a client, confidentiality, office policies, and fees so you can consent to your treatment

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