Xanax Addiction with Alcohol Abuse

Both Xanax and alcohol are central nervous system depressants. This means that each substance slows down some brain function. Though they do not slow the function of the same part of the brain they do have similar effects on heart rate and breathing patterns. Because both Xanax and alcohol affect the body in relatively the same ways, serious side effects can result from coupling Xanax addiction with alcohol abuse.

Combining Xanax with Alcohol

Xanax and alcohol can be a deadly mix.

Xanax and alcohol can be a deadly mix.

Taking Xanax while drinking alcohol can produce some pretty serious bodily reactions. A patient cannot drink as much alcohol as they are used to drinking in the past while they are taking Xanax. Mixing the two often magnifies the affects each substance has. This affect, in more cases than not, is found by most to be highly undesirable. Those who developed a Xanax addiction while trying to settle unruly nerves will sometimes get far more than they bargained for by adding alcohol to the mix. Their nerves will calm, but they will likely be unable to communicate or focus.

The mixture can actually produce quite an unexpected reaction, such as extreme irritation and outbursts of anger because of what would normally be seen as trivial, unimportant matters. These intense fits of anger are often nearly impossible for the patient to control.

In addiction, patients who need Xanax addiction help should avoid abusing alcohol because it can increase the intensity of certain Xanax side effects and potentially worsen panic and anxiety disorders.

Potentially increased Xanax side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Unusual behavior
  • Difficulties with coordination
  • Memory problems

Help with Managing a Xanax Addiction with Alcohol Abuse

Mixing an excess of Xanax or alcohol or both can put a person in serious, sometimes life-threatening positions. If you know you or a loved one is mixing a Xanax addiction with alcohol abuse, please take the step that could help save a life by calling our toll free number. We are available day or night to answer any questions you may have and provide you with information about Xanax and alcohol treatment.

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