Xanax Use Regulations

Xanax Use RegulationsXanax is an addictive anxiety relief drug. Even though it is only intended for use by medical patients with clinically diagnosed anxiety or panic attacks, its relaxing qualities make it a tempting option for casual users who want to relieve the ordinary stress in their lives.

Xanax Regulation

America may have the most lenient Xanax regulations in the world. In the United States the longest time period that the FDA will approve for the legal use of Xanax is eight weeks. In the United Kingdom only four weeks of medical use are approved, and other nations regulate the prescription of Xanax even more tightly. Non-English-speaking countries are unlikely to even carry Xanax within their borders. This approach of tight pharmaceutical regulation seems to be working, as Xanax abuse is nearly unheard of outside the United States.

Illegal Availability of Xanax

Despite the international intolerance displayed by many nations toward Xanax, many Xanax dealers and their storage facilities are located outside the United States to make it harder for American law enforcement to stop them from illegally supplying addicts in the U.S. Those who sell Xanax illegally from other countries to consumers in the United States often conduct their business online by posing as Internet pharmacies, but prescriptions given online by remotely diagnosing “doctors” are not legally valid in America. Legitimate Internet-based drug companies will only accept prescriptions from a doctor that the patient has personally been to see. If the website offers prescriptions over the Internet, it is a scam and is probably operated by illegal international drug dealers.

How to Tell If Someone Is Using Xanax Illegally

If you fear that your loved one is obtaining Xanax from an illegal source, there are things you can look for to help you know for sure. Notice if he or she has been receiving packages from online pharmaceutical companies but has not been to a doctor or cannot produce a prescription. If Xanax abuse accelerates too quickly, the possibility of overdose becomes a concern. Some signs of Xanax overdose include the following:

  • Mental disorientation
  • Weakness
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Sleepiness
  • Fainting

These symptoms should motivate you to call for emergency help, particularly if you find Xanax or other drugs nearby. It is always better to treat a possible emergency as a real problem than to neglect a developing emergency until it is too serious to be helped.

Finding Help for Xanax Abuse

No matter where you are, you can find Xanax abuse recovery treatment. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. You do not have to suffer the continuing consequences of Xanax use.

Are you ready to seek treatment?

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